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My Lazy Vegan With Love Cheaters Guide

This blog post will be filled with fun things you can stock up your fridge with. It is a cheaters guide to going Vegan. ;) I will try n update this often. 

Having someone else do it for you is always fun and always the easiest way but I don't suggest living your life out of a box or eating away from your house "all the time". 

These are some wonderfully guilty pleasures of our family and they come in handy when your on the go. ♥

TIP for the prepackaged!
Add your own spices to really bring out the flavors, or add some vegges, fruits n such to bring your meal of choice to life.


Ready?!! In no particular order:

We like to add a lil hot sauce to ours...
Or even some olives, hot italian "sausage" and some extra cheese on top ;) all vegan of course ♥
ToFurkey Pizza ;) Monsters FAVORITE food. . .PIZZA!! Well who doesn't love it?!


The laziest vegan meal ever is getting ready for the oven. 
Tofurkey RULES ;)

We let it sit in a marinade of 1/4 cup orange juice, 1/4 cup soy sauce & table spoon of organic cane sugar. Makes the veggies have a sweet taste and brings the flavor out in the tofurkey.
Happy Tofurkey Day All ♥


Almond milk

One of our favorites as far as "milk" goes!!
We always have at least 2 in the fridge.


Ending the night with a yummy snack.
Baby carrots, "Sabra classic Hummus" & H2O ;)

I am not a fan of Hummus unless we make it ourselves
but this is the one brand that I can stock the fridge with.


Daiya Vegan Cheese!

Can not live with out this stuff!
It melts & stretches...great for making pizza, omelets.. melted in chili... there is nothing you cant do with this & the BEST part!! It tastes just like your "dairy cheese"



Earth Balance

This butter is AMAZING.. and dairy free ;)
Love it on toast in the morning!! Yummy!


I never want to hear people say
"There is nothing fun/good to eat if your vegan"
That is a bunch off bull poop!

Here are "some" Vegan treats ;)
In alphabetical order:

7-Eleven 7 Select Apple Snack Pie
7-Eleven 7 Select Cherry Snack Pie
7-Eleven 7 Select Strawberry Creme Cookies
Airheads Taffy
Anna's Almond Cinnamon Thins
Anna's Ginger Thins
Back to Nature California Lemon Cookies
Back to Nature Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Back to Nature Chocolate Delight Granola
Back to Nature Classic Crème Cookies
Big League Chew Gum
Brach's Cinnamon Hard Candy
Brach's Cinnamon Hard Candy
Brach's Orange Slices
Brach's Root Beer Barrels
Brach's Star Brites
Bremner Wafers
Brownstone Baking Co. Mini Bagel Crisps (Garlic)
Carr's Table Wafer
Carr's Tea Biscuits
Charms lollipops
Chew-ets Peanut Chews (Original)
Chocolove Dark Chocolate bar
Chocolove Orange Peel (Dark Chocolate Bar)
Cracker Jacks
Cry Babies
Dem Bones
Dole Madarin Orange Fruit Gels
Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Tortilla Chips
Dum Dums
Entenmann's Single Serve Apple Snack Pies
Entenmann's Single Serve Cherry Snack Pies
Entenmann's Single Serve Lemon Snack Pies
Entenmann's Fudge Delights Fudge & Mint Cookies
Entenmann's Ultimate Cinnamon Pastry Twisters
Everest Gum
Famous Amos Sandwich Cookies (Chocolate)
Famous Amos Sandwich Cookies (Oatmeal Macaroon)
Famous Amos Sandwich Cookies (Peanut Butter)
Famous Amos Sandwich Cookies (Vanilla)
Ferrara Wafer Swirls With Chocolate
Food Lion Animal Cookies
Food Lion Ginger Snaps
Food Lion Oatmeal Cookies
Food Lion Saltines
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Assorted)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Chocolate Creme)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Chocolate Fudge)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Double Creme-O's)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Duplex)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Mini Chocolate & Vanilla Cremes)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Peanut Butter)
Food Lion Sandwich Cookies (Vanilla)
Food Lion Snack Crackers
Food Lion Sugar Cookies
Fred Meyer Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Frito Lay Sabritones
Fritos (Barbecue)
Fritos (Original)
Fruit By the Foot
Ghirardelli Twilight Delight Intense Dark
Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Mix
Goldenberg's Peanut Chews (Original)
Goya Flan
Goya Spanish Style Custard Flan Mix
Grandma's Peanut Butter Sandwich Cremes
Hain Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes
Herr's Onion Flavored Rings
Herr's Salsa and Lime Tortilla Chips
Hubba Bubba Bubblegum
Hubba Bubba Gum
Hunt's Snack Pack Gel Snacks
Jolly Ranchers (lollipops and hard candy)
Joyva Ring Jells Chocolate Covered Orange
Joyva Ring Jells Chocolate Covered Raspberry
Keebler Club Crackers
Keebler Ice Cream Cups
Keebler Vienna Fingers
Kettle Brand Potato Chips Sea Salt & Vinegar
Kettle White Popcorn
Kellogg's Unfrosted Pop-Tarts (Brown Sugar, Blueberry, and Strawberry)
Kool-Aid Gels
Kozy Shack Jammin' Gels
Krispy Kreme Fruit Pies
Lance Capitain's Wafers
Lance Choc-O Cookies
Lance Peanut Bar
Lance Sugar Wafers (Strawberry Creme)
Lance Sugar Wafers (Vanilla Creme)
Lance Van-O Lunch Cookies
Landgarten Pumpkin Seed Snack - Dark Chocolate
Landgarten Soya-Snack
Landgarten Tamari Roasted Soy Beans Snack
Landgarten Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds
Lay's Blue Corn Chips
Lay's Potato Chips (Natural Country Barbecue)
Lay's Potato Chips (Plain)
Lay's Potato Chips (Thick Cut Sea Salt)
Lay's Stax
Lay's Yellow Corn Chips
Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes
Manischewitz Whole Wheat Matzo, Unsalted Matzo, and Savory Garlic Matzo
Mary Janes (Regular and Peanut Butter Kisses)
Mates Pudding Mix
Melba Toast (Rye)
Melba Toast (Sesame)
Melba Toast (Wheat)
Mission Foods Pre-Cut Unfried Tortilla Chips and Strips
Mission Foods Pre-Fried Tortilla Chips and Strips
Mrs Freshley's Oatmeal Crème-filled Cookies
Murray Butter Cookies
Murray Cinnamon Grahams
Murray Coconut Bars
Murray Southern Kitchen Iced Oatmeal Cookies
Nabisco Double Delight Mint'n Creme Oreos
Nabisco Ginger Snaps
Nabisco Halloween Oreos
Nabisco Iced Oatmeal Cookies
Nabisco Nutter Butter Sandwich Cookies
Nabisco Oatmeal Cookies
Nabisco Oreo Chocolate Ice Cream Cones
Nabisco Oreo Cookies
Nabisco Oreo Thin Crisps
Nabisco Original Graham Crackers
Nabisco Saltine Crackers
Nabisco Teddy Grahams (Chocolate and Cinnamon)
Nabisco Triscuit Crackers Baked Whole Grain Wheat Fire Roasted Tomato
Nabisco Triscuit Crackers Baked Whole Grain Wheat Rosemary & Olive Oil
Nabisco Triscuit Crackers Cracked Pepper & Olive
Nabisco Uh-oh Oreos, Spring Oreos, Chocolate Creme Oreos
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (Apple Crisp)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (Cinnamon)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (Maple Brown Sugar)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (Peanut Butter)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (Pecan Crunch)
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (Roasted Almond)
Nature's Path Deep Chocolate Cookies
Nature's Path Ginger Spice Cookies
Nature's Path Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
Nestle Double Chocolate Thin Mints
New York Flatbreads (Everything, Garlic, and Fat-Free)
Original Terra Chips
Pure De-Lite Coconut Bars
Quaker Apple Cinnamon Rice Cakes
Ritz Regular Crackers
Ritz Whole Wheat Crackers
Ruffles Potato Chips (All Dressed)
Ruffles Potato Chips (BBQ)
Ruffles Potato Chips (Plain)
Safeway Fudge Mint Fudge Covered Mint Cookies
Sesame Royale Breadsticks
Smarties (U.S. version only)
Snackwells Cracked Pepper Crackers
Snyder's Jalapeno Pretzel Pieces
Snyder's Pretzel Sticks (Pumpernickel/Onion and Oat Bran)
Sour Patch Kids
Soy Crisps (Barbecue, Deep Sea Salt, and Garlic Onion)
Stacey's Pita Chips (Baked and Taxarkana Hot)
Sun Chips Original flavor
Super Bubble
Swedish Fish
Toasteds Crackers (Sesame and Wheat)
Town House Original Crackers
Triscuit Crackers (Original, Reduced Fat, Garlic Herb, and Roasted Garlic)
Tropical Source mini chocolate bags
VeganSweets marshmallows
Velamints Mints
Wasa Crispbread (Light Rye and Multi-Grain)
Wheat Thins (Original, Multi-Grain, and Reduced Fat)
Whole Foods Organic Chocolate Truffles
Wise Onion Rings
Zesta Original Crackers


Boca Veggie Burgers.

We like ours with a small amount of our favorite bbq sauce, lettuce & tomato or salsa & lettuce.

Dylans favorite is lettuce with a slice of cranberry sauce ;)


We tried "Smart Bacon" as one of our sides for the first time this morning and it was very close in taste to "pork bacon". We will definitely be buying this again.

How to Cook:
In a saute pan heat olive oil (or your choice of oil)
After heated add smart bacon.
Cook for about 3 minutes on medium heat (1.5minutes on each side)
Done! Crispy & ohhh so good!!

*This does contain wheat gluten for those of you that have a gluten allergy.


Boca Meatless Crumbles

Some things you can make. . .
Tacos (add your taco flavoring package)
Stuffed cabbage
Chili (add seasoning or a chili flavoring package
Check out this recipe

Also Sloppy Joes... YUM and whatever your little creative mind thinks of ;)


We prefer the Hot Italian Sausage

How to Cook:
-Chop up your sausage links into round sections (set aside)
-Chop up green pepper & onions (set aside)

-In one saute pan heat up olive oil and then toss in your green peppers & sweet onions until soft

-In another saute pan heat up olive oil and then add your italian sausage pieces (cook until brown on both sides)

--Get your best Italian bread roll and fill it with both ingredients from each pan.

*We even like to add some additional hot sauce or bbq sauce ;)

Good stuff right here.


Stuffed celebration roast!

This is amazing with smashed potatoes a green vegetable (we like string beans) cranberry sauce sweet baby carrort & some vegan gravy.


We get ours at wegmans C:


Makes for the most AMAZING Chocolate milk fix EVER!!!
Get out and get yourself some, you will thank me later ;)



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