Monday, December 9, 2013

what's in your wine?!

i love a good tasting wine with our meals. the smell, the taste, the flavor enhancement it brings to our dish, not to mention adding it to some recipes.  part of changing our lifestyle to vegan/vegetarian is knowing what we are supporting and consuming. so, yes . . .even some wines are not "vegan".

believe it or not, animal products are used for the clarification and fining of many wines. gelatin, isinglass, casein & albumen (click on those names to see what they are) just to name a few. 

gross right?! 

when i found that out my first response was, why is that necessary for wine?!! 

i have come to find that the companies that use these animal products use them to assist in the removal of small particles left over from bitter tasting compounds or from fermentation.

now! vegan wineries/companies do not use aforementioned or any from of animal product to produce their wines. 
while allowing their wines to naturally settle out the undesirable particles, they will use sterile filtration if excess compounds needs to be removed. the sterile filtration promotes the freshness of the wine. giving you a flavorful full taste. 

so with that being said, i have a list below of some vegan (cruelty free/crap free) wines.

-rosenblum cellars, all wines
-asda californian red wine
-asda california reserce zinfadel
-asda californian sweet red
-asda californian zinfadel
-asda californian rose
-asda californian napa brut
-asda californian chardonnay
-asda californian reserve chardonnay
-asda californian white wine
-baron herzog chenin blanc, white zinfandel
-frey biodynamic chardonnay
-frey biodynamic sauvignon blanc
-frey biodynamic cabernet sauvignon
-frey biodynamic merlot
-frey biodynamic petite sirah
-frey organic barbera
-frey organic caberbet sauvignon
-frey organic late harvest zinfandel
-frey organic merlot
-frey organic natural red
-frey organic petite sirah
-frey organic pinot noir
-frey organic sangiovese
-frey organic syrah
-frey organic zinfandel
-frey organic natural blush
-frey organic chardonnay
-frey organic gewurztraminer
-frey organic late harvest sauvignon blanc
-frey organic sauvignon blanc
-frey organic natural white
-marks and spencer live oak road zinfandel, old bush vine
-marks and spencer clear lake rose
-marks and spencer freedom ridge vioginer

to see more of a selection of vegan wines (1610 of them, actually) click here
in addition to finding the listing of vegan wines, barnivore has a vegan beer guide as well!!

cheers to better choices.

photo from "one green planet" 

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