Wednesday, July 17, 2013

diy - sock puppet

who doesn't love sock puppets?! this cute little project takes less then a half hour and it uses items you may already have in your home. below is the step by step "how to"... have fun :D

1. what you will need is a few old, but in-shape and not smelly socks that are calf to knee length high,  scissors, card board , pen and glue gun 

2. felt - this will be used for inside your puppets mouth. black, red and pink are the ideal colors, but there are no rules on what your puppet should look like.

3. on the cardboard trace your hand, leaving out the thumb.

4. take a sock and cut across a "mouth" at the toe end.

5. take your cardboard and cut out the same shape on your felt.

6. using the hot glue gun (kids of proper age or adults only) glue the top part of the mouth onto the card board and continue around the edges.

7. glue the felt over the cardboard covering the edges of the sock

8. now to allow your puppet to see. glue the eyes onto pom poms and then onto the puppet.

9. after the eyes are in place, decorate your puppet any way you like. we had a bunch of left over craft items that we gathered up. i asked dylan what he wanted to use for his puppet and i glued it on for him. 

10. and there you have it. your very own sock puppet. enjoy :) they are a lot of fun... even for the adults ;)
we are going to use new friends for our book before bed time. night all.

check out dylan enjoying his sock puppet

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