Monday, July 8, 2013

supplies you will need for  paper tube owl:
paper tube ~ either toilet paper roll or paper towel roll (cut in 1/2)
yarn or twine ~ any color
tape or glue dots ~ if you use a hot glue gun, make sure mom or dad handles that ;)
- scissors
- construction paper or brown paper bag
- crayons

how to make the ears:
- fold down one top edge of the paper tube and then add tape/glue dot to the fold to hold in place.
to make rest of the owls body:
- we add a spot of glue to the body and start wrapping the yard around the tube. you will want to leave room for the owl's head.

- when you wrap the yarn around enough times, covering any tube that may be showing, tie a small knot and tuck it under the string... or what we like to do is add a dot of hot glue where the "wing" will be going and then secure the end of the yarn. 

- on your construction paper or brown paper bag, cut out the owl's feet, wings, eyes and beak. color them how ever you like and glue or tape them to your owl. 

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