Friday, July 5, 2013

Angry Birds - The Live Version

Our son's 4th birthday was not too long ago, July 18th to be exact. My husband and I decided to have a small gathering at our place. As we looked at the back yard we said, "How are we going to keep the kids busy for a few hours?". The big pool had a rip in the liner, so that was not going to be ready for the gathering. Not to mention, this year we were a bit strapped for cash and a bounce house was a bit far from our grasps. What we did was - "keep it simple".

Our neighbor lent us his vertical golf game and bean bag toss, we had ring toss, horse shoe and derek picked up an inflatable pool that was on sale. Now you would think, that is enough entertainment for one day...

Not with our little kiddo! Dylan would of gotten bored with those games within an hour.
(which he did) ha ha.

One of his favorite games to play on dads ipad is, "angry bird". So we figured we'd make the game come to life. What we did was, ask a few of our friends to donate some empty box's laying around, picked up a few bouncy balls from the dollar store and a water balloon sling shot from the 5 below store. Derek already had paint for the birds, but grabbed some extra spray paint for the boxes. All together we spent under $40 to create what you will see below.

Take note, If you are planning on doing this for your kids.. or yourself ... you want to make sure you give yourself about two days in advance, just to make sure all the paint is dry.

The boxes we only painted one side so we could stretch the spray paint . We painted a few that resembled wood, stone and ice.

For the the balls, we pulled up Angry Birds on-line, painted them with acrylic paint and outlined, to define, with black marker.

Check it out - and then try it yourself.

Everyone had a blast 
and it's a lot harder than it looks. ;)

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